1971 Wings & Airpower CD

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  • CD contains 7 magazines
  • All in Acrobat PDF format
  • Print a personal copy
  • Allow 1 week for US delivery


  • The First Fortresses, Special B-17 Portfolio
  • Flying the Fw-190
  • Rammkommando, Hitler’s Suicide Squadrons
  • Curtiss SB2C Helldiver, The Last Dive Bomber
  • Too Big To Fly! Fokker’s Jinxed Giant


  • Whistling Death, F4U Corsair Chief Test Pilot
  • Northrop BT-1, Fleet’s First Modern Diver Bomber
  • Bell’s Futuristic Airacuda, History’s Forgotten Fighter
  • Genealogy of the Tin Goose, Five Decades with the Ford Trimotor


  • Flying the Boeing F4B-4, the Classic Carrier Fighter
  • Japan’s G3M Nell, Battleship Destroyer
  • P-35 Seversky’s Cadillac Of The Air


  • The First Mustangs, Exclusive Photos of the P-51A and A-36
  • Deadly Death Angel, Boeing’s First Bomber, the B-9
  • Combat Flying the Pfalz D-III


  • Farewell to the Falcons of France, France’s Army of the Air, 1936-1940
  • Curtiss’ Forgotten Dive Bomber, Navy’s Last Fighting Biplane
  • Rendezvous at Ie Shima: Japan’s Surrender Birds
  • Army Attack Aviation, Return of the Shrike


  • Revised versions of August and September 1971 issues with cleaner images, crisper text, and no advertisements.

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