1973 Wings & Airpower CD

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  • The Canard Comes Back, Tail-First Triumphs & Tribulations
  • Slow But Deadly, The Douglas Dauntless – Classic WWII Ship Killer
  • Lufthansa Bomber, The Dornier Do-17
  • Stinson’s Bargain Basement Brigade


  • GM’s Flying Frankenstein, the Reluctant P-75 Eagle
  • Hawkman – Interview with Donovan Berlin, Designer of the P-36 & P-40
  • The First Corsair, Vought’s Legendary O2U
  • Blow Torch Across The Atlantic, Colonel Dave Schilling’s 56th Fighter Group


  • Ascender, Curtiss’ Canard Fighter
  • Made In Japan – Betty, Helen, and Lily, A Combat Evolution
  • The Flying Anteater, the Luftwaffe’s Do-335
  • Zeppelin, London’s First Blitz
  • Douglas Dobbin, exclusive plans of a classic workhorse
  • Eagles In Echelon, Special Combat Art Portfolio


  • Good Vibrations, flight training in the BT-13, circa 1943
  • Magruder’s Marauder, interview with the designer of the B-26
  • Combat Flying in the F-4 Phantom
  • Martin’s Torpedo Trucks


  • Magruder’s Marauder, Part II of building & flying the B-26
  • Commando Extraordinaire, the Curtiss C-46
  • The Gallant Gamma, John Northrop’s Feat of Classic Engineering
  • Aces of the Silver Screen


  • Emsco, Aviation Pioneer lost in the pages of time
  • Douglas DC, beginning of the Gooney Bird legend
  • Whispering Death, the Bristol Beaufighter
  • Dr. Dornier’s Flying Whales


  • Douglas DC, Part II – The Gooney Goes To War
  • “Go In and Get A Hit!” – Flying the TBD Devastator & TBF Avenger
  • Night Creature, flying WWII’s most fearsome night fighter, the P-61 Black Widow
  • Flying Machines The Fates Forgot, concluding the Emsco story


  • The Great Bolo Boondoggle, short career of the Douglas B-18
  • On The Track of the WWII F7F Tigercat
  • The Blackburn Battleships
  • Doug Davis and the Travel Air Mystery Ships


  • The First, Last, and Only – Douglas B-42/43 Prototypes
  • Kingcobra, solving the mystery of Bell’s P-63 Fighter
  • Nieuport Chronicles, WWI’s Premier Ace Maker
  • Breaching the Walls of Fortress Europe, World’s First Operational Jet Bomber
  • Getting the most from your Minecraft P-51D Mustang model


  • Super Bomber, designing and building the Boeing B-29
  • Fortress Killer, Japan’s Raiden Interceptor
  • The Parasols of Santa Monica


  • The Great Owl, building & flying America’s first super bombers
  • Man-made Lightning, the Pilots & Engineers who tested the YP-38 Lightning
  • Harpoon, the patrolling mariner’s ultimate weapon
  • The Mystery of the Schutte-Lanz Airships


  • Comet, the great deHavilland racers
  • The Last Sortie, the designer of the Focke-Wulf Fw-190
  • “It Might Have Been Moonbat”, McDonnell’s first fighter
  • Rocket Fighter, Minicraft’s Me-163 model
  • Fading Away, goodbye to the KC-97
  • The First Hydroplane, pioneering with Glenn Curtiss

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