1977 Wings & Airpower CD

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  • Dark Lady, Conclusion of the P-61 Story
  • Escort Mustangs of Iwo Jima
  • Secrets of Silver Hill, National Air & Space Museum
  • Forgotten Dreadnaught, Sikorsky XPBS-1


  • Grumman A-6 Intruder
  • Suicide Samurai, Japan’s Human Bombs
  • A Fortress is Forever, Boeing B-17
  • Blimp, Inside Lighter Than Air


  • Framing & Flying the Constitution, First of the non-jet Jumbos
  • Year of the Zero, Restoring a Saipan Zero
  • Thunder-Stricken, Proof the P-47 was the Toughest Bird
  • Song of Roland, Germany’s overlooked WWI Fighters


  • Rocket Fighter, Me-163 Comet
  • Winged Excalibur, Douglas SBD Dauntless
  • Clobbering, a Primer of WWII Fighter Tactics
  • Rangefinder, F-82 Twin Mustang


  • Custer Channel Wing Story
  • Skybolt, Pt VIII, P-38 meets Two More Enemies
  • Rocket Fighter, Me-163 Comet
  • Outcasts of the Islands, Graveyards of Pacific Warbirds
  • Things with Wings, Foolish looking but they flew!


  • First Among Equals, RAF Bomber Command
  • Bell Airacuda
  • Douglas B-18
  • Most Elusive Hughes, D-2/F-11 Recon/Bomber


  • Crusader Without A Cause
  • Skybolt Pt IX, P-38 Dive Bombers
  • Breguet Battlewagons, WWI’s Champion Medium Bomber


  • Dark Hunter, Grumman’s F6F-5N Nightfighters
  • Buy British!, B-57 Most Long-lived Combat Design
  • Sky Conquerer, Mexico’s Forgotten Eagle
  • The First Fighter, Boeing’s PW-9


  • Speed Merchant, Howard Hughes H-1
  • From The Halls Of Montezuma, Marine Air Museum
  • Buy British, Pt II of B-57 Canberra Story
  • Sea-Going Boeings, FB Carrier Fighter Line


  • Skybolt Pt IX, Escort Fighter over Europe
  • Buy British, Conclusion of the B-57 Canberra Story
  • Pictorial History of the 391st Bomber Group, Martin Marauder


  • Blunted Arrow, Fiat G.50
  • The Great Clippers, Boeing 314
  • Gee Bee: Profile of a Legend, The R-1 Racer
  • Escort Fighter, Story of the F-82


  • The Great Clippers, Pt II, Boeing 314
  • The Reluctant Pirate, Vought’s F6U Jet Fighter
  • Huff-Daland in 3D, Little Known Aviation Pioneer

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