1983 Wings & Airpower CD

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  • Marine Aviation – Future of Close Support
  • Skyhawks, Phantoms, Intruders, Prowlers, Helicopter Gunships, and Harriers


  • Messerschmitt’s Flying Fiasco – The Me-210/410 Hornet
  • Mig-15 Fagot to MiG-27 Flogger
  • How Aeronica, Piper, and Taylorcraft joined the US Army


  • Pitcairn Autogiro – King of the Whirling Blades
  • The Curtiss P-40 Warhawk Story


  • P-40 Warhawk Story, Part II
  • Farewell to the F-105 Thunderchief
  • The Disastrous Dole Derby


  • Last of the P-40 Line
  • Four Decades of Jet Trainers, from T-33 to T-46
  • Red Bomber Mainstays 1935 to 1945


  • The U-2 – Kelly Johnson’s High Flying Ghost
  • Mysterious X-19, Curtiss Wright’s Last Airplane


  • Great U-2 Spy Flights, How Francis Gary Powers was Shot Down
  • The Underrated Polish Air Force of 1939


  • F-82 Terror Twin Mustang in Korea
  • Saga of the Sea Dart
  • Blohm and Voss’ “Flying Hamburgers”


  • 70 Years of War and Peace, The Guard Soldiers
  • Douglas X-3 Supersonic Stiletto
  • Blohm & Voss’ “Flying Hamburgers” Part II


  • McDonnell’s F-101 Voodoo
  • Claire Chennault and the Air War over China in the 1930s
  • Ilyushin’s Il-28 Medium Jet Bomber
  • Saga of the Last Two-Place Seversky Swedish Fighter


  • Vought F-7U Cutlass
  • Italy’s C.R.32 Mercenary Scourge of the Spanish Civil War
  • Czech Avia – World’s Fastest Biplane Fighter with Detailed Plans


  • WWI Special Collector’s Edition
  • Planes, Aces, and Weaponry of the First Great Air War

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