1984 Wings & Airpower CD

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  • Super Secret B-17
  • SAM Slayers and Wild Weasels
  • Are Iron Bomb Haulers Extinct?
  • Notes from a Thud Driver’s Logbook


  • Focke-Wulf 190 Restoration
  • Army Air Corps Gallery 1938-1941
  • Making the “Right Stuff”
  • Submarine Launched Aircraft


  • Moelders vs. Milan – Dogfight of the Century
  • Ryan’s X-13 – The Unknown VTOL Vertijet
  • F-84 in Korea – Exclusive Color Photos


  • Does Air Superiority Have a Future?
  • The Forgotten TS-1 – The Fleet’s First Fighter
  • Lockheed Hudson – Stop Gap Bomber


  • Special Jet Gallery
  • Gil Bright – A Fighter Pilot’s Odyssey
  • Lockheed Hudson Story – Part II
  • 40th Anniversary of the Navy’s Fighter Bombers


  • The F-106 Bows Out
  • Grumman’s F-11F – The Reluctant Tiger
  • The DC-3/C-47 in Foreign Service


  • Return of the Thunderbirds
  • Vought’s XC-142 and the Origin of VTOL Flight
  • Ernst Heinkel and his Empire


  • F/A-18 Hornet Special Edition


  • Flying the French Jaguar
  • Heinkel and the Hitler-Era Fighters
  • Air Racing in the Thirties, Tony Levier interview


  • Ready Alert with the Michigan Air Guard
  • More Air Racing with Tony Levier
  • P-61 Black Widow over China


  • Airborne Early Warning System from the F-15 Eagle
  • Lavochkin Lagg, Soviet Russia’s Best WWII Fighter
  • Great Days of the Cleveland Air Races
  • Part III of the Tony Levier Story


  • Boeing’s Lone Ranger – Last of the Fleet’s Big Flying Boats
  • The Martin-Baker Fighter
  • 1939 Thompson Trophy Story
  • Tony Levier Story Conclusion

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