1991 Wings & Airpower CD

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  • CD contains 12 magazines
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  • MiG-29 & Su-27, The Ultimate 70’s Technology Fighters
  • Mitsubishi’s G4M Betty vs. the U.S. Navy’s Fighting Three


  • F-102 Air Defense in Vietnam
  • Air Superiority in the Gulf
  • Testing the First Supersonic Aircraft


  • Lockheed YF-22 vs. Northrop YF-23
  • P-61 Black Widow, Prowler of the Night


  • Thunderbolt Fire Fighters
  • Republic F-105, History’s most Potent Fighter/Bomber


  • The B-52’s Last Hurrah
  • Gulf War Aircraft Identification
  • Northop’s Secret Delta Wing


  • Thirty Years in the F-100 Super Sabre
  • The Forgotten Gulf Air War, RAF vs. Iraq 1941


  • The Douglas A-4 Skyhawk
  • The Finest Attack Aircraft


  • The Great P-38 Lightning Portfolio
  • Primary Flight Training in the PT-13
  • A Squadron Commander’s B-17


  • Six Years as a Stuka Pilot
  • Design Versatility and the F-94 Starfire
  • The Classic Lockheed Vega


  • How America won the great manufacturing battles of WWII
  • Jack Northrop and the A, B, C, Ds of Streamlining


  • Photographing High Speed Jets
  • Gamma Attack Planes
  • Dive Bombers, from BT-1 to SBD
  • The Air Corps’ A-17
  • Climax at Midway, the TBD’s Last Hurrah


  • Consolidated B-24 Liberator
  • The Aggressor Squadron’s Last Stand

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