1992 Wings & Airpower CD

Price: $29.95

  • CD contains 12 magazines
  • That’s $2.50 per magazine!
  • All in Acrobat PDF format
  • Print a personal copy
  • Allow 1 week for US delivery
  • Allow 2 weeks International


  • The Doomsday Armada, B-47
  • Painting by the Numbers, USAF camouflage & Markings


  • Republic’s first fighter, P-35 Gallery
  • Fighter Odyssey, Grumman F-14 Tomcat
  • “Old Shaky”, Globemaster


  • Prince of Smooth Air, Interview with Ed Horkey
  • Fighter Odyssey, Grumman F-14 Tomcat


  • Farewell to the F-111
  • Goodbye to the FB-111
  • Interview with Marion Carl


  • Messerschmitt 109 Gallery
  • Freeing Enterprise, Space Shuttle Approach To Landing Flights
  • Flying the Shuttle Approach with Mike Machat
  • The Africa Ship, Zeppelin Rescue Mission in Africa


  • Whole issue dedicated to the TBF Avenger


  • The Future of Air Racing
  • Loaded P-38 Lightnings
  • “Make me in St. Louis”, Lambert Field from Curtiss Robin to C-46 Commando


  • Depression Bomber, Glenn Martin’s B-10
  • MiG Marketplace, Buying a Soviet Fighter Plane on the Open Market


  • Rocketship, the Grumman XF5F
  • Down on Flames, North America’s Firefighting Fleet
  • Reclaiming a Mentor, Rebuilding a T-34 Trainer


  • Flash of the F-86 Sabre


  • Carrier Landing, Seven Decades of Carrier Operations
  • XB-70 Valkyrie Flights
  • Find It and Land On It, Night Carrier Landings


  • Edwards Air Force Base, Home of Futuristic Flight

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