2001 Wings & Airpower CD

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  • CD contains 12 magazines
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  • All in Acrobat PDF format
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  • The Great Boeing-Curtiss Fighter Competition
  • Focke-Wulf’s Incredible FW-189 Flying Eye
  • Special WWII Color Portfolio


  • The Mighty Eigth vs The Luftwaffe
  • The Art of Long Range Escort!
  • Boeing vs. Curtiss: Fly-Off Fighter Competition


  • North American Vigilante: Supersonic Spymaster
  • Curtiss vs. Boeing Fighter Fly-Off
  • Exotic Twin Engined Floatplane Patrol Bombers


  • Battle for the Joint Services F-24 Strike Fighter Contract
  • We Fly Chase With The Lockheed X-35 Entrant
  • Soviet Long-Range Air Force


  • Flying the 1914 Curtiss Pusher
  • Boeing X-35 JSF Demonstrator
  • The Untold Story of WWII’s Women Air Force Service Pilots (WASPS)


  • Flying the Planes of World War I


  • WWII in the Pacific


  • First Combat over Pearl Harbor
  • In the Cockpit of the Nieuport 17
  • Nightbomber: Invaders in Korea
  • Fast Freight Mosquitos


  • Japan’s Last-Ditch Interceptors
  • Publicizing the New Jets


  • Duel of the Dive Bombers: Aichi D3A VAL vs. Douglas SBD Dauntless
  • Navy Warpaint: Camouflage Experiments


  • The Art of Supercharging from Single Stage to Turbos
  • The Siege of Malta


  • The Doomed P-40s of the 57th Pursuit GP
  • 50 Years in the Cockpit with Combat/Test Pilot Bob Elder
  • The Burnelli Flying Wings

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