1978 Wings & Airpower CD

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January 1978

  • Diary of the Fighting Corsairs, VMF-215 in the Solomons
  • RAF vs. Luftwaffe, The Great Radar Countermeasures War
  • One-of-kind Fokkers
  • Huff-Daland and the Keystone Bombers

February 1978

  • Was the B-24 Liberator a Brand-X Bomber?
  • The Luftwaffe’s Moskito
  • The Roto-Wizards, England’s top secret Helicopter-Parachute
  • Japanese Aircraft Graveyard

March 1978

  • The P-38 Lightning’s Last Missions over Europe
  • Interview with Racer Design Genius Miller Howell
  • Germany’s V-1 Buzz Bomb Revenge Weapon

April 1978

  • Did America enter WWII in 1938?
  • Real story of Pre Lend-Lease French Hawk 75 Fighters
  • Search for speed, Part 2 of Howell-Miller Designs
  • Miles & Atwood Racer, the DH-4 “Flaming Coffins”

May 1978

  • North American’s X-15
  • Convair’s Tradewind
  • “Fighter Squadron”

June 1978

  • Grumman Panther / Cougar Line
  • “5-Grand” The Ultimate in Warpaint
  • Heinkel He-115 Mines, Torpedos, and Midnight Reconnaissance

July 1978

  • Why Martin lost the XB-51 contract
  • Gloster Meteor, the Allies first jet
  • Earl Ortman’s Thompson Trophy Racers
  • Gallery of hard landings

August 1978

  • P-38 Lightning in the Pacific, Aleutians, China, Burma, and India

September 1978

  • The Real Story of “Flak Bait”, WWII’s Legendary Marauder
  • Mustang Combat Portfolio
  • Short Sunderland Flying Boat

October 1978

  • Luftwaffe’s greatest Me-109 Aces
  • Heavy Bombers of the 8th
  • Marine Skyraders in Korea
  • Special Color Combat Portfolio

November 1978

  • Why the Bell Airacobra Failed
  • Album of Legendary Biplane Photos
  • Beech’s Gargantuan “Grizzly”, WWII’s most powerful attack plane

December 1978

  • Special Flying Salon
  • 100 of Aviation’s Greatest Flight Portraits

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