2005 Wings & Airpower CD

Bonus 1971 Content!

This CD features a completely restored special edition of the first edition of Airpower magazine, September 1971 Volume 1, Number 1

That’s 13 feature-packed magazines for the same low price!

September 1971

  • Whistling Death – An exclusive intervew with the F4U Corsair’s Chief Test Pilot
  • Northrop BT-1 – The fleet’s first modern diver bomber
  • History’s Forgotten Fighter – Bell’s futuristic Airacuda, the bomber slayer
  • Geneology of the Tin Goose – Five decades with the Ford Trimotor
  • New Price! $29.95

    • CD contains 12 magazines
    • That’s $2.50 per magazine!
    • All in Acrobat PDF format
    • Print a personal copy
    • Allow 1 week for US delivery


    • Bell X-2 – First airplane to fly Mach 3
    • P-47s over Berlin, 1946
    • Factory Fresh: B-24
    • Boeing 314 In Detail


    • F-117 Stealth Fighter: A Wings Exclusive!
    • Convair YB-60 – Could it compete with the Stratofortress?
    • Hughes XF-11 – Twin-Engine Ship of Doom


    • Me-262 – First Jet Fighter, the real story
    • Boeing’s Flying Wings – Would they have had a chance in World War II?
    • Factory Fresh: F-104 Starfighter
    • Caravelle! World’s first rear-engine jet


    • Turboprops – Why didn’t these advanced designs ever succeed?
    • Class of ’56 – It was a good year for new planes
    • Bat-Eye Squadron – Marine night fighters of WWII
    • Blitzkrieg over Muroc – Part II of our series on testing the German jets


    • XP-58 Chain Lightning – Son of P-38
    • XF-90, XF-91, XF-92 – Were they really failures?
    • Aviation Promo – Rare gems from the golden age of public relations
    • Experimental fighters of the fifties!


    • The Art of Jack Leynnwood – King of the Boxtops!
    • Hybrid Jets – Were they really the best of both worlds?
    • JATO Takeoffs – Thrust you can trust
    • P-61 Black Widow


    • History of InFlight Refueling – From C-1 to KC-10
    • WWI ACE! Fighter pilot from the past
    • Tail Design – The long and short of it


    • XB-70 – Rollout and First Flight
    • Lockheed U2 – 50th Anniversary Special
    • Aviation Advertising – 4th Annual Issue


    • 50th Anniversary of the U2
    • Paul Mantz & Frank Tallman – Aviation’s Movieland Legends
    • Factory Fresh: F-100 Super Sabre
    • F-105 Color Portfolio


    • Lockheed Starlifter – Venerable Jet-Powered Skytruck Finally Retires
    • Miami Clippers – The Story of Pan Am’s First Seaplane Base
    • Good, Better, Best – How Jet Aircraft Designs Evolve


    • X-15 Pilots in Space – Were NASA’s Pilots the First True Civilian Astronauts?
    • ‘Popeye’ Intercept – The Cold War’s First Hunter/Killer Jet
    • 80 Years since Doolittle won the Schneider Cup Races
    • F-86D Sabre Dog


    • Special Issue – Salute to the U.S. Air Force
    • Top Ten Best USAF Planes!
    • Hughes XF-11 vs. Republic XF-12
    • “Hun Heaven” – A fond look back at the F-100

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