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January 1998

  • Disaster over ¬†Nuremberg, WWII’s Bloodiest Bombing Mission
  • Cam Ship, First & Last of the Convoy Suicide Fighters
  • Roving Sands, the most realistic war game confrontation

February 1998

  • A pictorial history of American Aviation, From wood to wire mail planes to Swing-wing B-1
  • Log of an Israeli Test Pilot, from Spitfire IX to Super Mystere, from Mirage IIIC to KFIR

March 1998

  • Burying the Bomber, Airpower without Crews
  • The Forgotten Ryans, too far ahead of their time!

April 1998

  • Army Air Forces in the Pacific, Skip Bombing & Ground Attack
  • Exclusive photos of A-20s and B-25s in a 3 year battle against Japan for New Guinea!

May 1998

  • F-105 Wild Weasel, A “Thud” Comes Home
  • Barbarossa, The Luftwaffe’s massacre of the Soviet Air Force
  • Unsung & unappreciated, the Curtiss C-46

June 1998

  • World War II Fighter Ratings, P-38, P-39, P-36/P-40 & more!
  • Westland Lysander’s Twin Careers from Spotter to Spy Transport

July 1998

  • Rocket-powered Kamakazes, Japan’s last ditch suicide flying bombs
  • XP-56 Black Bullet, Prototype Mustang
  • Flying Wing Bombers
  • F-89 Scorpion
  • SM-62 Snark

August 1998

  • Why Germany’s World War II Luftwaffe Collapsed
  • The Rise and Demise of Hitler’s Mighty Air Force

September 1998

  • Boeing’s Stratoliner
  • Fiat’s CR.32 Flying Cockroach
  • Eurofighter 2000 vs. France’s Rafale, Battling for the Export Market

October 1998

  • Grumman Wildcat vs. Japanese Zero
  • Boeing Stratoliner, Part II

November 1998

  • Attack of the WWII Bombers, Douglas A-20, North American B-25, Douglas A-26 Invader
  • Martin Marauder, French Breguet 690, Italian Breda 88

December 1998

  • History of US Military Aircraft… C-47, C-54, C-82, C-119, C-123, XC-99, C-124, C-130, C-133, C-141, C-5A, C-17
  • Graphic gallery of Air Transport
  • Allied airpower’s D-Day invasion failures, great interdiction