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Wings & Airpower Sets

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January 2000

  • Inside the Mighty B-17 Flying Fortress
  • Pearl Harbor: The Price of Unpreparedness

February 2000

  • The Heinkel 162 Germany’s 90-day Flying Wonder
  • World’s Strangest Wings – Flying Cars to Flying Saucers

March 2000

  • America’s Fighter War in the Pacific
  • The Great SuperBomber Fly-Off

April 2000

  • America’s Great Aviation Shakeout
  • Flying Rescue Missions in Vietnam in the SkyRaider

May 2000

  • Rating WWII’s Major Air Forces
  • Riding the Contrails of the Navy’s Blue Angels

June 2000

  • Flying Guns… 50 years of Aviation Firepower
  • Top Secret Mosquito Flights

July 2000

  • Japan’s WWII Sub-Launched Float Planes
  • Curtiss Hawk Dive Bombers
  • Conquering the Atlantic in Formation

August 2000

  • The Designer of the B-1 Bomber’s Airframe
  • Creating the New Mural at Edwards Air Force Base
  • World’s Ugliest Aircraft

September 2000

  • Air War in Korea – Sabre vs. MIG
  • Transports, Troop Carriers, and Air-Sea Rescue

October 2000

  • Fighter Technology, Bell’s Premature Airacobra
  • Personal view of Republic Aircraft by Veteran Design Engineer

November 2000

  • A Visit to a Focke-Wulf 190 Production Plant
  • Convair’s B-58 Hustler…20 years Ahead Of Its Time!

December 2000

  • The Two Luftwaffes
  • An Eye-Opening Report on the Defeat of Germany’s WWII Air Force

January 2001

  • The Great Boeing-Curtiss Fighter Competition
  • Focke-Wulf’s Incredible FW-189 Flying Eye
  • Special WWII Color Portfolio

February 2001

  • The Mighty Eigth vs The Luftwaffe
  • The Art of Long Range Escort!
  • Boeing vs. Curtiss: Fly-Off Fighter Competition

March 2001

  • North American Vigilante: Supersonic Spymaster
  • Curtiss vs. Boeing Fighter Fly-Off
  • Exotic Twin Engined Floatplane Patrol Bombers

April 2001

  • Battle for the Joint Services F-24 Strike Fighter Contract
  • We Fly Chase With The Lockheed X-35 Entrant
  • Soviet Long-Range Air Force

May 2001

  • Flying the 1914 Curtiss Pusher
  • Boeing X-35 JSF Demonstrator
  • The Untold Story of WWII’s Women Air Force Service Pilots (WASPS)

June 2001

  • Flying the Planes of World War I

July 2001

  • WWII in the Pacific

August 2001

  • First Combat over Pearl Harbor
  • In the Cockpit of the Nieuport 17
  • Nightbomber: Invaders in Korea
  • Fast Freight Mosquitos

September 2001

  • Japan’s Last-Ditch Interceptors
  • Publicizing the New Jets

October 2001

  • Duel of the Dive Bombers: Aichi D3A VAL vs. Douglas SBD Dauntless
  • Navy Warpaint: Camouflage Experiments

November 2001

  • The Art of Supercharging from Single Stage to Turbos
  • The Siege of Malta

December 2001

  • The Doomed P-40s of the 57th Pursuit GP
  • 50 Years in the Cockpit with Combat/Test Pilot Bob Elder
  • The Burnelli Flying Wings

January 2002

  • The Great DC-10 Disaster
  • Douglas A-1 Skyraider: Overnight Revamp
  • Conclusion of Burnelli’s Flying Wings

February 2002

  • Behind the capture of the first flyable FW-190
  • Resurrecting the Douglas DC-10
  • Vought XF5U: The Navy’s Forlorn Flying Saucer Fighter
  • Handley Page’s Flying “Frying Pan”

March 2002

  • Two B-36 Squadrons: SAC’s Greatest Loss
  • Battle of Britain Combat Log
  • The Dogfight, Is It Passe?

April 2002

  • The Building of Republic’s F-105
  • Regulus: Riding Herd On The Fleet’s First Guided Missile
  • Why The DC-1 Was Air Travel’s Most Significant Airliner Prototype

May 2002

  • Lockheed’s Blackbird: 40 Years Ahead Of Its Time!
  • Douglas Skyray: Was it the Navy’s Best Interceptor?
  • P-47 vs. Locomotive

June 2002

  • Landcaster: Best Bomber of WWII?
  • Saga of the Bell X-2
  • Vietnam Combat Artist’s Diary

July 2002

  • Boeing’s Flying Flapjacks
  • The Exciting Career of Photo Recon Ace Col. Clyde B. East
  • The Golden Age of Aviation Advertising

August 2002

  • Concorde: We Fly Aboard at Mach 2!
  • SST! Evolution of the Supersonic Transport
  • Silverplate B-29s: World’s First Atomic Bombers

September 2002

  • Lockheed’s Amazing YF-12
  • Factory Fresh B-47 Stratojet
  • Luftwaffe’s Missed Opportunity

October 2002

  • Joe Engle: Fighter Pilot Astronaut
  • B-25s in North Africa
  • Navy Jet Seaplanes

November 2002

  • USS Essex: First Korean Cruise
  • A-4 Skyhawk: Factory Fresh
  • Wyoming Air National Guard
  • DC-7 vs. Connie: Battle of the Giants
  • Fabulous Fifties Issue!

December 2002

  • Regulus II: Sub-Launched Supersonic Missile
  • Fokker F-32: America’s First Four-Engined Airliner
  • Cessna A-37 Dragonfly

January 2003

  • World War One Ace: Here is the amazing story of Canada’s first aerial hero.
  • Tagboard And Senior Buwl: Pt. III of his riveting Blackbird series. Top Secret unmanned hypersonic marvel, the radical Lockheed D-21.
  • From Boom To Bust: Light airplanes in America. New private planes’ were designed and built.

February 2003

  • Operation Reunion: POW rescue attempt behind enemy lines in Romania.
  • A Day In MIG Alley: North American F-86 Sabre Jets battled the Soviet MiG-15s. Dogfighting enters the jet age!
  • “Strategic Air Command” Accurate and insightful movie about the exploits of SAC’s finest.

March 2003

  • Thunderbird To Thud Ridge: Chat with Col. Jack Broughton of Thud Ridge and Going Downtown fame. Wing Commander flying F-105s in Southeast Asia.
  • Top Guns Of Yankee Station: Top-scoring Navy Squadrons of the Vietnam War VF-96 and VF-211.
  • Too Much, Too Late: During the early years of Vietnam.

April 2003

  • Thunderbird To Thud Ridge: Conclusion of our two-part series on one of the great Air Force pilots of our time.
  • Finale For The Fortress: The mighty Boeing B-29 Superfortress.
  • Bailout! Part I of this two-part series will examine the evolution of escape systems.

May 2003

  • Electra!: The classic propliners and the first generation of pure jets.
  • Mach 3 Masterpiece: Four-part series on the design, development, testing, and operational service of Lockheed’s legendary Blackbird.
  • Lightning Over Burbank: Home of Lockheed’s P-38 manufacturing plant.

June 2003

  • Lindbergh At War – 1944: An intriguing look at the aeronautical genius of Charles A. Lindbergh.
  • Survival In The Sky Part II: Conclusion of our series on the history of emergency egress.
  • Sled Track! Photographs of ejection tests, supersonic sled runs, and high-G action.

July 2003

  • FASTEST MAN ON EARTH! Nick Spark tells us this amazing story of man versus machine.
  • CONVAIR’S CONTRIBUTION: A tour de force color feature on famed Army Air Corps Liberators and U.S. Navy Privateers.
  • THE FINAL DAYS: The end of the Korean War 50 years ago.

August 2003

  • THE UGLY DUCKLING: The Grumman JF/J2F aircraft contributed most to the Allied Victory in World War II.
  • DOUBLE YOUR PLEASURE: A two-place F-86 Sabre?
  • DAYLIGHT BOMBING: From Schweinfurt to Baghdad

September 2003

  • Bulgarian Eagles: Detailed inside look at the Bulgarian Air Force and their faithful Me-109s.
  • Fathers Of The Motherships: Great motherships’ that saw action, plus two of their legendary pilots.
  • Flight To Obscurity: The AVRO Jetliner first flew only two weeks after Britain’s famed De Havilland Comet in 1949 and was North America’s first jet airliner.

October 2003

  • BRING IN THE CHOPPERS! Evolution of the large military helicopter.
  • ALASKAN TWIN MUSTANGS: North American F-82 Twin Mustang
  • PETE BOWERS REMEMBERED: NATIONAL AIR RACES 1946: 1946 National Air Races in Cleveland, Ohio.

November 2003

  • Back In The Saddle: Pancho Barnes was a legend in aviation during the 1930s.
  • Dueling Test Pilots: Which rocket-powered airplane would reach that magic mark.
  • Salute To “The Right Stuff” Relive the magic moments of this revolutionary 20-yearold film with a one-on-one interview with director Philip Kaufman.

December 2003

  • The Wright Brothers: Wright’s tour of Europe in 1909.
  • Charles Lindbergh: See where it all began.
  • 100th Anniversary Of Flight: From Barnstormers to Stealth Bombers.
  • Chuck Yeager: The Right Stuff’.
  • Neil Armstrong: “One small step for man”

January 2004

  • XF-103! Was it ten years too soon?
  • Haulin’ Buns – Cargo transports of the Korean war
  • Flying in Civvies – Factory test pilots
  • Factory Fresh – F-86 Dog Sabre

February 2004

  • USS Akron, Macon – Doomed Dirigibles
  • P-38 Color Portfolio
  • Douglas DC-6 – Was it the world’s greatest airliner?
  • F-104s of NASA

March 2004

  • World War II Bombing
  • X-15 Accidents
  • Operation Iraqi Freedom
  • Passenger Helicopters
  • Cross Flying Wing Concept

April 2004

  • WW II Light Twins – The Unsung Heroes
  • Tex Johnston Flying Boeing’s Best! From B-47 to 707, He Flew Them All
  • Passenger ‘Copters – Part II New York Airways

May 2004

  • 1950s Air Force Missiles
  • Boeing’s Dash 80 – Was it the airplane that changed the world?
  • F7F Tigercats – Night Fighers in Korea

June 2004

  • US Air Force Test Pilot School – We fly with the Air Force’s best
  • Jet Engines – The inside story
  • Bristol Beaufighter – Was it Britain’s best attacker? Never before seen photos!

July 2004

  • Marine Corps Helicopters – The Hunter Killers
  • C-46s of Air America – Secret ops in Southeast Asia
  • Piper – He gave America wings
  • Factory Fresh – DC-7 Golden Falcon

August 2004

  • Boeing 707 – America’s First Jetliner!
  • Andre Tupolev – From Prison to Flightline: An incredible story of survival!
  • Golden age of Aviation Advertising
  • Was there an Army Air Force Helldiver?

September 2004

  • North American’s Incredible XF-108!
  • Factory Fresh – Lockheed Vega
  • Itazuke Air Base ramp tour
  • X-5 to F-14 Swing-Wings – We unlock the secrets of variable geometry!

October 2004

  • T-46 Debacle – What really happened to kill Republic?
  • Lockheed’s incredible radar Connies
  • Secret wonder weapons of WWII – Declassified mysteries

November 2004

  • Salute to Naval Aviation
  • USS Constellation Farewell
  • Blue Angels Retrospective
  • WWII Catapult Aircraft – Zero to Sixty in 50 Feet
  • F2H Banshee – McDonnell’s Korean War Superstar

December 2004

  • Tribute to Pete Knight
  • A Wings Exclusive – SR-71 Big Tail
  • Berlin Airlift
  • Hughes H-1 Racer

January 2005

  • Bell X-2 – First airplane to fly Mach 3
  • P-47s over Berlin, 1946
  • Factory Fresh: B-24
  • Boeing 314 In Detail

February 2005

  • F-117 Stealth Fighter: A Wings Exclusive!
  • Convair YB-60 – Could it compete with the Stratofortress?
  • Hughes XF-11 – Twin-Engine Ship of Doom

March 2005

  • Me-262 – First Jet Fighter, the real story
  • Boeing’s Flying Wings – Would they have had a chance in World War II?
  • Factory Fresh: F-104 Starfighter
  • Caravelle! World’s first rear-engine jet

April 2005

  • Turboprops – Why didn’t these advanced designs ever succeed?
  • Class of ’56 – It was a good year for new planes
  • Bat-Eye Squadron – Marine night fighters of WWII
  • Blitzkrieg over Muroc – Part II of our series on testing the German jets

May 2005

  • XP-58 Chain Lightning – Son of P-38
  • XF-90, XF-91, XF-92 – Were they really failures?
  • Aviation Promo – Rare gems from the golden age of public relations
  • Experimental fighters of the fifties!

June 2005

  • The Art of Jack Leynnwood – King of the Boxtops!
  • Hybrid Jets – Were they really the best of both worlds?
  • JATO Takeoffs – Thrust you can trust
  • P-61 Black Widow

July 2005

  • History of InFlight Refueling – From C-1 to KC-10
  • WWI ACE! Fighter pilot from the past
  • Tail Design – The long and short of it

August 2005

  • XB-70 – Rollout and First Flight
  • Lockheed U2 – 50th Anniversary Special
  • Aviation Advertising – 4th Annual Issue

September 2005

  • 50th Anniversary of the U2
  • Paul Mantz & Frank Tallman – Aviation’s Movieland Legends
  • Factory Fresh: F-100 Super Sabre
  • F-105 Color Portfolio

October 2005

  • Lockheed Starlifter – Venerable Jet-Powered Skytruck Finally Retires
  • Miami Clippers – The Story of Pan Am’s First Seaplane Base
  • Good, Better, Best – How Jet Aircraft Designs Evolve

November 2005

  • X-15 Pilots in Space – Were NASA’s Pilots the First True Civilian Astronauts?
  • ‘Popeye’ Intercept – The Cold War’s First Hunter/Killer Jet
  • 80 Years since Doolittle won the Schneider Cup Races
  • F-86D Sabre Dog

December 2005

  • Special Issue – Salute to the U.S. Air Force
  • Top Ten Best USAF Planes!
  • Hughes XF-11 vs. Republic XF-12
  • “Hun Heaven” – A fond look back at the F-100

January 2006

  • Convair 990 – Fastest Jetliner ’till the Concorde
  • Two-seat A-10 – Would it have made a difference?
  • “The High and the Mighty” – Hollywood movie magic with a DC-4
  • F-86E to F-4D – Korean War Ace to Vietnam Gunfighter

February 2006

  • Tallmantz Aviation, Part II
  • Grumman Test Pilot – Corky Meyer flies the F11F-1F
  • Northrop X-21 Research Ship
  • Name Game #3 – Foreign Edition

March 2006

  • J-35 Draken! – 50 years of Sweden’s Mach 2 delta
  • The airplanes that wouldn’t die – First in a series
  • Aircraft designations – Mysteries revealed!
  • Douglas DC-3

April 2006

  • Mr. Naval Aviation – The R.G. Smith Story
  • Cockpits – It’s what’s up front that counts!
  • Bell 47 – The whirlybird

May 2006

  • British aviation firsts – VTOL fighters to jet airliner to aircraft carrier deck
  • Did Pratt’s biggest engine power the XB-35 flying wing?
  • Douglas RB-66 – Secret recon jet of the cold war
  • R-4360 WASP major

June 2006

  • Industry in a tailspin – What happened to U.S. Aerospace?
  • F-20 Tigershark
  • Alouette II – World’s first jet helicopter

July 2006

  • Boeing B-52 – The airplane that wouldn’t die
  • F-14 Tomcat and the mighty Phoenix missile
  • Bell Rascal – Was it the world’s first air-launched cruise missile?

August 2006

  • Farewell to the F-14
  • 50th Anniversary – Midair over the Grand Canyon
  • Aviation ads – Fifth annual edition
  • Boeing 307

September 2006

  • Plowshares into swords
  • Civil planes in uniform
  • The making of Top Gun
  • Pan Am Stratocruiser – Pacific ditching

October 2006

  • F-89 Scorpion – Potent subsonic sting
  • Aircraft cutaways – An inside look
  • Gulfstreams – From twin-turboprop to globe-spanning luxury jet

November/December 2006

  • Record Breakers! – Higher, Faster, Farther
  • F-111s in Vietnam – Too much too soon?
  • Army missiles – Models of yesteryear
  • Factory fresh – Convair B-58

January/February 2007

  • Wings n’ Wheels – The best cars and planes of the 20th century!
  • Martin 2-0-4 and 4-0-4 – The ultimate DC-3 replacement
  • Terrible Twos – Phantom II to Lightning II
  • Fighter Pilot Perspective – A conversation with Colonel Jack Broughton

March/April 2007

  • First Jet Airliners
  • Douglas X-3 Stiletto
  • Jet Age Landing Gear
  • Auxiliary Power Pods
  • Coast-to-Coast in 5 Hours