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January 1972

  • Attack Aviation in the 1930s
  • The Story of the JG-52, Angel on Floats
  • Vought OS2U Kingfisher, The Flying Brick
  • The WWI Spads, Now There’s a Rare Bird

February 1972

  • Mount of the Striking Eagles, the F4B-4
  • Flying the Yellow Peril
  • The Iron Works Gang, Grumman’s F4F Wildcat
  • The Ghost of the Coronado, The Ultimate Patrol Bomber
  • The Von Richthofen Legend
  • Dean of the Red Bombers, Four Decades with A.N. Tupolev

March 1972

  • Curtiss Condor, Vintage Wings from the 1920s
  • The Fighter the Fleet Forgot, The Brewster F2A Story
  • Stuka, WWII’s Most Potent Propaganda Bird
  • Home from the Sea, Resurrecting an F6F
  • Now There’s A Rare Bird! The Breese Diving Bomber

April 1972

  • Agony Wagon, The Greenhouse Liberators
  • The Phantom Brigade, Combat Over Spain
  • Pylon Polisher
  • Air Mail Special Delivery, Building Boeing’s Monomail

May 1972

  • Long Nosed Hunter
  • Type “O” Zero, Kit Review
  • More Mustangs to Meet the Eye
  • “Now There’s A Rare Bird”, Riverside Penguin
  • Winged Can Opener, Germany’s Tank-Busting Henschel 129
  • B-10 Baltimore’s Best, Bird that took the Air Corps out of the Stone Age
  • Skyliner, Boeing’s Unsung 307

June 1972

  • The Racer’s Edge, Highlights from the 1932 Cleveland Air Races
  • Destroyer, Messerschmitt 110, Warhorse of Germany’s Night Fighters
  • Thunder From The Sky, North American’s B-25 Mitchell medium bomber

July 1972

  • Brewster’s Last Stand, The Pugnacious A-32 Attack Ship
  • Captain of the Clouds, A-17 The Air Corps First Modern Dive Bomber
  • Sign Of The Black Cross, Markings of Luftwaffe Fighter Command 1936-1945
  • The Armistice Air Force, What Happened to the Aircraft of Vichy France

August 1972

  • Mossie, Story of the RAF’s Wooden Wonder
  • Terror Bomber, Caging the Luftwaffe’s Mythical Beast
  • Hawk 75, The Air Corps’ Classic Monoplane Fighter
  • Wings Over The Atlantic, The Ill-Fated Sikorsky S-35

September 1972

  • Diagraming the Dream Planes
  • Now There’s A Rare Plane, The Hall Monoped
  • Carrier Fighter, The Curtiss F11C/BFC Hawk
  • Starburst, Lockheed’s Orion
  • Angelito, The Luftwaffe’s Combat Infantryman
  • Belly Landing, Pranging the B-17 Flying Fortress

October 1972

  • The Sky Pirate of El Segundo, Douglas XTB2D-1
  • Emil, Franz, & Gustav… Combat Report on the Messerschmitt 109E, 109F, 109G, and the aces who flew them
  • Economy Fighter, The North American P-64 Trainer/Fighter/Bomber
  • The Marvelous Martin GMB, America’s First Classic Bomber

November 1972

  • Forked Tail Legend, In Combat with the P-38 Lightning
  • Blitz Bird, Ju-88 Luftwaffe Workhorse
  • The Falcon’s Stepsister, Super-Scale Plans of the Douglas O-25C
  • Junkers Ju-88 A-4 Cutaway

December 1972

  • Martin’s Mighty Mariner, Flying the PBM
  • Samurai, Japan’s Legendary Zero
  • Night Stalker, Canada’s Midnight Raiders
  • Shell Wings, Jimmy Doolittle’s Record Breaking Racers