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January 1994

  • Arc Light – the Great B-52 Terror Weapon
  • Bailouts & Crash Landings over Germany
  • Origins of the Armed Helicopter

February 1994

  • Night Missions over Korea in the Douglas B-26
  • Grumman’s Flying Barrels, Golden Age of Biplane Carrier Fighters

March 1994

  • Ultimate P-6E Hawk
  • Dornier Bombers of the Luftwaffe
  • What Happened to the V-22 Osprey?
  • Flying the Berlin Airlift

April 1994

  • Lockheed’s First Combat Jet, P-80 to T-33
  • The Great Republic Rainbow, Spyplane Extraordinare!

May 1994

  • Wildcat Escorts at Midway, Flying the Thach Weave
  • France’s Latecomer Torpedo Bombers
  • What Happened to the B-24 Ploesti Raiders?

June 1994

  • The Origins of the Republic P-47 Thunderbolt
  • From Seversky P-35 to Republic XP-72, including Wartime P-47s
  • Plus 11 pages of WWII Color Photos and Profiles

July 1994

  • Spying Behind Japanese Lines with the Coastwatchers in the South Pacific
  • The Untold Story of Air Technical Intelligence
  • Special Combat Color Gallery
  • Boeing’s YL-15 Scout

August 1994

  • Three Generations of Combat Corsairs – O2U, F4U, A-7
  • Seabirds of the Navy, Grumman’s Mighty Ducks – Geese & Widgeons

September 1994

  • Consolidated PBY Catalina, Queen of the Navy’s Long Range Patrol Bombers
  • A Pantheon of the World’s Great Aviation Pioneers and the Planes They Flew

October 1994

  • Boeing’s Forgotten Monoplane Fighters, from XP-9 to XF8B-1
  • Last Ditch for the Luftwaffe, Battle of the Bulge Surprise Air Attack

November 1994

  • The PBY Catalina Goes To War, from the Arctic to the South Pacific
  • Classic PBY Patrol Bomber in Combat

December 1994

  • Combat Diary of a B-26 Marauder
  • Mussolini’s Hunchbacked Torpedo Bomber, the SM.79