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January 1975

  • The Falcons of Freeman Field, testing the Rising Sun’s best
  • Martin’s Mercenaries, flying the Maryland and Baltimore
  • Spy in the Sky, North American’s O-47
  • Journal of the Big Bird, Lockheed’s Sirius

February 1975

  • Bush Pilot, Flying Alaska in a Lockheed Vega
  • Night Stalker, Revelle’s Me-110G model
  • The Sparrowhawk Airship Fighter
  • Blackhawk, the Curtiss XP-87
  • The Borrowed Bomber, Lockheed Ventura

March 1975

  • Behemoth, the Douglas B-19
  • Wellington: Geodetic Giant
  • Sword of the Samurai, Kawasaki’s Tony
  • The Other Martin

April 1975

  • P-Boat, Part 1 of Consolidated PBY Catalina story
  • Thunder & Lightning, Macchi Fighters
  • Locklear, the Man Who Walked On Air

May 1975

  • P-Boat, Part II of Consolidated PBY Catalina story
  • Dive Bombers For Sale, the French Vindicator
  • Born To Lose, North American’s XB-28 bomber
  • Old One Hundred, Veteran F4B in Disguise
  • Formations, a classic gallery wingtip to wingtip
  • C’est Beau! Revell’s Bristol Beaufighter

June 1975

  • The Flying Hallmarks
  • Little Midway, the Battle of Santa Cruz
  • Interview with Jimmy Doolittle, a Wings Exclusive
  • Sopwith’s Flying Staircase, dogfighting in WWI’s first successful triplane

July 1975

  • Treasures of McCook Field, Part 1
  • Boeing’s 5 in 1 Fighter, the XF8B-1
  • Flying a Legend, the Spitfire

August 1975

  • Treasures of McCook Field, Part 2
  • Hitler’s Mystery Jet Bombers
  • Flying Catamaran, SM 55 seaplanes
  • Fairchild’s Perennial Prototype, First Modern Cabin Monoplanes

September 1975

  • Pipe Organ Bomber, Martin’s XB-48
  • Defending the Reich, Air War over Germany 1943-1945
  • Sea Wings, Classic Curtiss Flying Boats

October 1975

  • Flying Sword, the F-86 Sabre Jet
  • Defending the Reich, Combat on the Eastern Front
  • Interview with Erich Hartman, WWII’s Greatest Ace
  • Sea Wings Part 2, Twilight of the Big Biplane Boats

November 1975

  • Kit Carson, Mustang Ace
  • Middle River Stump Jumper, Martin’s Bicycle Gear
  • The Bristol Bregade, Scout – Brisfit – Bristol Monoplane
  • Building the Pima Air Museum in Tucson, Arizona

December 1975

  • Desert Warriors, Curtiss Tomahawk and P-40
  • Midget Killer
  • Master Index to Wings
  • France’s New Army of the Air
  • Dive Bomber