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August 1971

  • The First Fortresses, Special B-17 Portfolio
  • Flying the Fw-190
  • Rammkommando, Hitler’s Suicide Squadrons
  • Curtiss SB2C Helldiver, The Last Dive Bomber
  • Too Big To Fly! Fokker’s Jinxed Giant

September 1971

  • Whistling Death, F4U Corsair Chief Test Pilot
  • Northrop BT-1, Fleet’s First Modern Diver Bomber
  • Bell’s Futuristic Airacuda, History’s Forgotten Fighter
  • Genealogy of the Tin Goose, Five Decades with the Ford Trimotor

October 1971

  • Flying the Boeing F4B-4, the Classic Carrier Fighter
  • Japan’s G3M Nell, Battleship Destroyer
  • P-35 Seversky’s Cadillac Of The Air

November 1971

  • The First Mustangs, Exclusive Photos of the P-51A and A-36
  • Deadly Death Angel, Boeing’s First Bomber, the B-9
  • Combat Flying the Pfalz D-III

December 1971

  • Farewell to the Falcons of France, France’s Army of the Air, 1936-1940
  • Curtiss’ Forgotten Dive Bomber, Navy’s Last Fighting Biplane
  • Rendezvous at Ie Shima: Japan’s Surrender Birds
  • Army Attack Aviation, Return of the Shrike


  • Revised versions of August and September 1971 issues with cleaner images, crisper text, and no advertisements.



January 1972

  • Attack Aviation in the 1930s
  • The Story of the JG-52, Angel on Floats
  • Vought OS2U Kingfisher, The Flying Brick
  • The WWI Spads, Now There’s a Rare Bird

February 1972

  • Mount of the Striking Eagles, the F4B-4
  • Flying the Yellow Peril
  • The Iron Works Gang, Grumman’s F4F Wildcat
  • The Ghost of the Coronado, The Ultimate Patrol Bomber
  • The Von Richthofen Legend
  • Dean of the Red Bombers, Four Decades with A.N. Tupolev

March 1972

  • Curtiss Condor, Vintage Wings from the 1920s
  • The Fighter the Fleet Forgot, The Brewster F2A Story
  • Stuka, WWII’s Most Potent Propaganda Bird
  • Home from the Sea, Resurrecting an F6F
  • Now There’s A Rare Bird! The Breese Diving Bomber

April 1972

  • Agony Wagon, The Greenhouse Liberators
  • The Phantom Brigade, Combat Over Spain
  • Pylon Polisher
  • Air Mail Special Delivery, Building Boeing’s Monomail

May 1972

  • Long Nosed Hunter
  • Type “O” Zero, Kit Review
  • More Mustangs to Meet the Eye
  • “Now There’s A Rare Bird”, Riverside Penguin
  • Winged Can Opener, Germany’s Tank-Busting Henschel 129
  • B-10 Baltimore’s Best, Bird that took the Air Corps out of the Stone Age
  • Skyliner, Boeing’s Unsung 307

June 1972

  • The Racer’s Edge, Highlights from the 1932 Cleveland Air Races
  • Destroyer, Messerschmitt 110, Warhorse of Germany’s Night Fighters
  • Thunder From The Sky, North American’s B-25 Mitchell medium bomber

July 1972

  • Brewster’s Last Stand, The Pugnacious A-32 Attack Ship
  • Captain of the Clouds, A-17 The Air Corps First Modern Dive Bomber
  • Sign Of The Black Cross, Markings of Luftwaffe Fighter Command 1936-1945
  • The Armistice Air Force, What Happened to the Aircraft of Vichy France

August 1972

  • Mossie, Story of the RAF’s Wooden Wonder
  • Terror Bomber, Caging the Luftwaffe’s Mythical Beast
  • Hawk 75, The Air Corps’ Classic Monoplane Fighter
  • Wings Over The Atlantic, The Ill-Fated Sikorsky S-35

September 1972

  • Diagraming the Dream Planes
  • Now There’s A Rare Plane, The Hall Monoped
  • Carrier Fighter, The Curtiss F11C/BFC Hawk
  • Starburst, Lockheed’s Orion
  • Angelito, The Luftwaffe’s Combat Infantryman
  • Belly Landing, Pranging the B-17 Flying Fortress

October 1972

  • The Sky Pirate of El Segundo, Douglas XTB2D-1
  • Emil, Franz, & Gustav… Combat Report on the Messerschmitt 109E, 109F, 109G, and the aces who flew them
  • Economy Fighter, The North American P-64 Trainer/Fighter/Bomber
  • The Marvelous Martin GMB, America’s First Classic Bomber

November 1972

  • Forked Tail Legend, In Combat with the P-38 Lightning
  • Blitz Bird, Ju-88 Luftwaffe Workhorse
  • The Falcon’s Stepsister, Super-Scale Plans of the Douglas O-25C
  • Junkers Ju-88 A-4 Cutaway

December 1972

  • Martin’s Mighty Mariner, Flying the PBM
  • Samurai, Japan’s Legendary Zero
  • Night Stalker, Canada’s Midnight Raiders
  • Shell Wings, Jimmy Doolittle’s Record Breaking Racers



January 1973

  • The Canard Comes Back, Tail-First Triumphs & Tribulations
  • Slow But Deadly, The Douglas Dauntless – Classic WWII Ship Killer
  • Lufthansa Bomber, The Dornier Do-17
  • Stinson’s Bargain Basement Brigade

February 1973

  • GM’s Flying Frankenstein, the Reluctant P-75 Eagle
  • Hawkman – Interview with Donovan Berlin, Designer of the P-36 & P-40
  • The First Corsair, Vought’s Legendary O2U
  • Blow Torch Across The Atlantic, Colonel Dave Schilling’s 56th Fighter Group

March 1973

  • Ascender, Curtiss’ Canard Fighter
  • Made In Japan – Betty, Helen, and Lily, A Combat Evolution
  • The Flying Anteater, the Luftwaffe’s Do-335
  • Zeppelin, London’s First Blitz
  • Douglas Dobbin, exclusive plans of a classic workhorse
  • Eagles In Echelon, Special Combat Art Portfolio

April 1973

  • Good Vibrations, flight training in the BT-13, circa 1943
  • Magruder’s Marauder, interview with the designer of the B-26
  • Combat Flying in the F-4 Phantom
  • Martin’s Torpedo Trucks

May 1973

  • Magruder’s Marauder, Part II of building & flying the B-26
  • Commando Extraordinaire, the Curtiss C-46
  • The Gallant Gamma, John Northrop’s Feat of Classic Engineering
  • Aces of the Silver Screen

June 1973

  • Emsco, Aviation Pioneer lost in the pages of time
  • Douglas DC, beginning of the Gooney Bird legend
  • Whispering Death, the Bristol Beaufighter
  • Dr. Dornier’s Flying Whales

July 1973

  • Douglas DC, Part II – The Gooney Goes To War
  • “Go In and Get A Hit!” – Flying the TBD Devastator & TBF Avenger
  • Night Creature, flying WWII’s most fearsome night fighter, the P-61 Black Widow
  • Flying Machines The Fates Forgot, concluding the Emsco story

August 1973

  • The Great Bolo Boondoggle, short career of the Douglas B-18
  • On The Track of the WWII F7F Tigercat
  • The Blackburn Battleships
  • Doug Davis and the Travel Air Mystery Ships

September 1973

  • The First, Last, and Only – Douglas B-42/43 Prototypes
  • Kingcobra, solving the mystery of Bell’s P-63 Fighter
  • Nieuport Chronicles, WWI’s Premier Ace Maker
  • Breaching the Walls of Fortress Europe, World’s First Operational Jet Bomber
  • Getting the most from your Minecraft P-51D Mustang model

October 1973

  • Super Bomber, designing and building the Boeing B-29
  • Fortress Killer, Japan’s Raiden Interceptor
  • The Parasols of Santa Monica

November 1973

  • The Great Owl, building & flying America’s first super bombers
  • Man-made Lightning, the Pilots & Engineers who tested the YP-38 Lightning
  • Harpoon, the patrolling mariner’s ultimate weapon
  • The Mystery of the Schutte-Lanz Airships

December 1973

  • Comet, the great deHavilland racers
  • The Last Sortie, the designer of the Focke-Wulf Fw-190
  • “It Might Have Been Moonbat”, McDonnell’s first fighter
  • Rocket Fighter, Minicraft’s Me-163 model
  • Fading Away, goodbye to the KC-97
  • The First Hydroplane, pioneering with Glenn Curtiss



January 1974

  • Tri-Winged Terror, Fokker Triplane Aces
  • Ultimate Corsairs, F4Us in the Pacific & Korea
  • Stratojet, the Boeing B-47
  • Douglas DC-4 Skymaster
  • Civilian Warbirds, Pros & Cons of Ex-military Jets

February 1974

  • Fiat CR-32
  • B-32 Dominator, Second String Superbomber
  • Curtiss AT-9 Air Jeep
  • Grumman’s F2F & F3F Flying Beer Barrels
  • Loening’s Flying Shoehorns

March 1974

  • Mini-Shrike, the Curtiss XP-31
  • Hun Hunter, the S.E.5a WWI fighter
  • Blitz Bomber, the Heinkel He-111
  • de Havilland Moths That Roared

April 1974

  • SAAB Story, Swedish Aerial Weapons
  • Whine From The Jug, the immortal P-47 Thunderbolt
  • Ace’s Corner
  • Parasols of Santa Monica

May 1974

  • Whine From The Jug, Part II of P-47 Saga
  • Hunchbacked Hawks, the Savoia-Marchetti SM79
  • Ace’s Corner, Hahn’s Me-109s
  • Hell Off Okinawa, Kamikazes’ Last Ditch
  • Basketcase Bummer, the Curtiss C-46 Caravan

June 1974

  • Whine From The Jug, Part III the Thunderbolt in Combat
  • Douglas A-26 Invader
  • Air Racer Roscoe Turner, Something “Special”

July 1974

  • The Fable of Able Mable, the Martin AM-1 Mauler
  • Whine From The Jug, Part IV, P-47Ds in Europe and Ns in the Pacific
  • Pulitzer Price Pursuits, Classic Racers in Disguise

August 1974

  • Forgotten Fortresses, building the prototype B-17 and YB-17
  • Whine From The Jug, XP-72 and conclusion of P-47 story
  • Fokker’s Flying Razors, Germany’s WWI too late terrors

September 1974

  • Forgotten Fortresses, the B-17 goes to war
  • Test Pilot, interview with Bill McAvoy
  • The Tin Bubble, America’s first & only all-metal dirigible

October 1974

  • F6F Hellcat, King of Carrier Fighters
  • Legion of the Lost, Consolidated’s PB-2A
  • Gordon Israel, Golden Age of Aviation Pioneer

November 1974

  • Saga of the Consolidated’s B-36 Peacemaker
  • Return of the Me-109G  Augsburg Eagle
  • Requiem for the Luftwaffe, Twilight at Munich
  • B-17 Flying Phoenix, from Atomic Target to Borate Bomber

December 1974

  • Around the World in 175 Days
  • The Curtiss Phantom P-40
  • Von Richthofen and the Albatross Aces



January 1975

  • The Falcons of Freeman Field, testing the Rising Sun’s best
  • Martin’s Mercenaries, flying the Maryland and Baltimore
  • Spy in the Sky, North American’s O-47
  • Journal of the Big Bird, Lockheed’s Sirius

February 1975

  • Bush Pilot, Flying Alaska in a Lockheed Vega
  • Night Stalker, Revelle’s Me-110G model
  • The Sparrowhawk Airship Fighter
  • Blackhawk, the Curtiss XP-87
  • The Borrowed Bomber, Lockheed Ventura

March 1975

  • Behemoth, the Douglas B-19
  • Wellington: Geodetic Giant
  • Sword of the Samurai, Kawasaki’s Tony
  • The Other Martin

April 1975

  • P-Boat, Part 1 of Consolidated PBY Catalina story
  • Thunder & Lightning, Macchi Fighters
  • Locklear, the Man Who Walked On Air

May 1975

  • P-Boat, Part II of Consolidated PBY Catalina story
  • Dive Bombers For Sale, the French Vindicator
  • Born To Lose, North American’s XB-28 bomber
  • Old One Hundred, Veteran F4B in Disguise
  • Formations, a classic gallery wingtip to wingtip
  • C’est Beau! Revell’s Bristol Beaufighter

June 1975

  • The Flying Hallmarks
  • Little Midway, the Battle of Santa Cruz
  • Interview with Jimmy Doolittle, a Wings Exclusive
  • Sopwith’s Flying Staircase, dogfighting in WWI’s first successful triplane

July 1975

  • Treasures of McCook Field, Part 1
  • Boeing’s 5 in 1 Fighter, the XF8B-1
  • Flying a Legend, the Spitfire

August 1975

  • Treasures of McCook Field, Part 2
  • Hitler’s Mystery Jet Bombers
  • Flying Catamaran, SM 55 seaplanes
  • Fairchild’s Perennial Prototype, First Modern Cabin Monoplanes

September 1975

  • Pipe Organ Bomber, Martin’s XB-48
  • Defending the Reich, Air War over Germany 1943-1945
  • Sea Wings, Classic Curtiss Flying Boats

October 1975

  • Flying Sword, the F-86 Sabre Jet
  • Defending the Reich, Combat on the Eastern Front
  • Interview with Erich Hartman, WWII’s Greatest Ace
  • Sea Wings Part 2, Twilight of the Big Biplane Boats

November 1975

  • Kit Carson, Mustang Ace
  • Middle River Stump Jumper, Martin’s Bicycle Gear
  • The Bristol Bregade, Scout – Brisfit – Bristol Monoplane
  • Building the Pima Air Museum in Tucson, Arizona

December 1975

  • Desert Warriors, Curtiss Tomahawk and P-40
  • Midget Killer
  • Master Index to Wings
  • France’s New Army of the Air
  • Dive Bomber



January 1976

  • Lightning Strikes Twice, Macchi 202
  • Year of the Sky Queen, B-17
  • The Last of the Breed, Destroying the Luftwaffe 1943-1945
  • Mach 3.0, Bell’s X-2

February 1976

  • The 11th Hour Sopwiths
  • “Seek and Destroy”, Part 2 of “The Last of the Breed”
  • Bearcat, ultimate WWII dogfighter
  • Mach 3.0, Part II… Bell X-2

March 1976

  • “P” for Pursuit, Army’s Biplane Hawks
  • The Last of the Breed, Part III… Decoying the Luftwaffe
  • SkyBolt, Lockheed P-38 Lightning

April 1976

  • SkyBolt, Part II… Lockheed XP-38
  • Last of the Breed, Part IV… Combat flying against Luftwaffe jets
  • “P” for Pursuit, Curtiss P-6E Hawk

May 1976

  • The Making of the P-51 Mustang
  • Thunder Maker, Republic’s F-84
  • SkyBolt, Part III… P-38 competition

June 1976

  • The Making of the P-51 Mustang, Rolls Royce Merlin engine
  • Cry Havoc, the Douglas A-20
  • Thunder Maker, Part II… the F-84 story

July 1976

  • Across the Pacific, Flying nonstop from Tokyo to New York in 1942
  • History of the Convair B-58 Hustler
  • The Best of the Breed, handicapping German and Allied fighters
  • Cry Havoc, Part II… the A-20 goes to war

August 1976

  • SkyBolt, Part IV… Lockheed P-38 Lightning armament
  • No Room to Swing a Cat, Grumman’s Jaguar swing wing fighter
  • Dornier’s Double-Ender, the Luftwaffe’s Do-335 “Arrow”
  • Ghosts from Luscombe’s Drawingboard

September 1976

  • Conveyor’s Needle Nosed Orphan, the B-46 jet bomber
  • SkyBolt, Part V of the P-38 Lightning story
  • Heinkel’s Phony Fighter, the He-100D
  • “I Spy”, Russia’s aging bomber fleet learns a new trade

October 1976

  • Dark Lady, Northrop’s P-61 Black Widow
  • Bicentennial Curtiss P-40 Warhawk
  • Avenger in the Shadows
  • Star-Strutter, Hansa-Brandenburg’s D.1

November 1976

  • Dark Lady, Part II of the Northrop P-61 story
  • B-10, the restoration of the year
  • SkyBolt, Part VI… Lockheed’s P-38 Lightning prepares for war
  • Fokker Stand-in, Germany’s forgotten Pfalz fighter

December 1976

  • The First Pursuit, saga of the Thomas Morse Scouts
  • Dark Lady, Part III… the P-61 goes into combat over Europe
  • SkyBolt, Part VII of the Lockheed P-38 Lightning story



January 1977

  • Dark Lady, Conclusion of the P-61 Story
  • Escort Mustangs of Iwo Jima
  • Secrets of Silver Hill, National Air & Space Museum
  • Forgotten Dreadnaught, Sikorsky XPBS-1

February 1977

  • Grumman A-6 Intruder
  • Suicide Samurai, Japan’s Human Bombs
  • A Fortress is Forever, Boeing B-17
  • Blimp, Inside Lighter Than Air

March 1977

  • Framing & Flying the Constitution, First of the non-jet Jumbos
  • Year of the Zero, Restoring a Saipan Zero
  • Thunder-Stricken, Proof the P-47 was the Toughest Bird
  • Song of Roland, Germany’s overlooked WWI Fighters

April 1977

  • Rocket Fighter, Me-163 Comet
  • Winged Excalibur, Douglas SBD Dauntless
  • Clobbering, a Primer of WWII Fighter Tactics
  • Rangefinder, F-82 Twin Mustang

May 1977

  • Custer Channel Wing Story
  • Skybolt, Pt VIII, P-38 meets Two More Enemies
  • Rocket Fighter, Me-163 Comet
  • Outcasts of the Islands, Graveyards of Pacific Warbirds
  • Things with Wings, Foolish looking but they flew!

June 1977

  • First Among Equals, RAF Bomber Command
  • Bell Airacuda
  • Douglas B-18
  • Most Elusive Hughes, D-2/F-11 Recon/Bomber

July 1977

  • Crusader Without A Cause
  • Skybolt Pt IX, P-38 Dive Bombers
  • Breguet Battlewagons, WWI’s Champion Medium Bomber

August 1977

  • Dark Hunter, Grumman’s F6F-5N Nightfighters
  • Buy British!, B-57 Most Long-lived Combat Design
  • Sky Conquerer, Mexico’s Forgotten Eagle
  • The First Fighter, Boeing’s PW-9

September 1977

  • Speed Merchant, Howard Hughes H-1
  • From The Halls Of Montezuma, Marine Air Museum
  • Buy British, Pt II of B-57 Canberra Story
  • Sea-Going Boeings, FB Carrier Fighter Line

October 1977

  • Skybolt Pt IX, Escort Fighter over Europe
  • Buy British, Conclusion of the B-57 Canberra Story
  • Pictorial History of the 391st Bomber Group, Martin Marauder

November 1977

  • Blunted Arrow, Fiat G.50
  • The Great Clippers, Boeing 314
  • Gee Bee: Profile of a Legend, The R-1 Racer
  • Escort Fighter, Story of the F-82

December 1977

  • The Great Clippers, Pt II, Boeing 314
  • The Reluctant Pirate, Vought’s F6U Jet Fighter
  • Huff-Daland in 3D, Little Known Aviation Pioneer



January 1978

  • Diary of the Fighting Corsairs, VMF-215 in the Solomons
  • RAF vs. Luftwaffe, The Great Radar Countermeasures War
  • One-of-kind Fokkers
  • Huff-Daland and the Keystone Bombers

February 1978

  • Was the B-24 Liberator a Brand-X Bomber?
  • The Luftwaffe’s Moskito
  • The Roto-Wizards, England’s top secret Helicopter-Parachute
  • Japanese Aircraft Graveyard

March 1978

  • The P-38 Lightning’s Last Missions over Europe
  • Interview with Racer Design Genius Miller Howell
  • Germany’s V-1 Buzz Bomb Revenge Weapon

April 1978

  • Did America enter WWII in 1938?
  • Real story of Pre Lend-Lease French Hawk 75 Fighters
  • Search for speed, Part 2 of Howell-Miller Designs
  • Miles & Atwood Racer, the DH-4 “Flaming Coffins”

May 1978

  • North American’s X-15
  • Convair’s Tradewind
  • “Fighter Squadron”

June 1978

  • Grumman Panther / Cougar Line
  • “5-Grand” The Ultimate in Warpaint
  • Heinkel He-115 Mines, Torpedos, and Midnight Reconnaissance

July 1978

  • Why Martin lost the XB-51 contract
  • Gloster Meteor, the Allies first jet
  • Earl Ortman’s Thompson Trophy Racers
  • Gallery of hard landings

August 1978

  • P-38 Lightning in the Pacific, Aleutians, China, Burma, and India

September 1978

  • The Real Story of “Flak Bait”, WWII’s Legendary Marauder
  • Mustang Combat Portfolio
  • Short Sunderland Flying Boat

October 1978

  • Luftwaffe’s greatest Me-109 Aces
  • Heavy Bombers of the 8th
  • Marine Skyraders in Korea
  • Special Color Combat Portfolio

November 1978

  • Why the Bell Airacobra Failed
  • Album of Legendary Biplane Photos
  • Beech’s Gargantuan “Grizzly”, WWII’s most powerful attack plane

December 1978

  • Special Flying Salon
  • 100 of Aviation’s Greatest Flight Portraits



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January 1979

  • Day Wings Fell Off The B-47
  • DeHavilland Vampire and Development of the Jet Engine
  • P-39 Airacobra Goes To War

February 1979

  • Japan’s Demon Interceptors
  • P-39 Airacobra Color and Markings
  • Canada’s CF-105 Arrow

March 1979

  • Was Canada’s CF-105 the Finest Interceptor of its Day?
  • Test Pilot’s Logbook, from Martin B-10 to Convair XF-102
  • Rare Birds and Revitalized Racers

April 1979

  • The Fokker D-VII
  • Memoirs of a Westland Test Pilot
  • Death of Canada’s Combat Aviation Industry
  • Conclusion of Arrow Story
  • Britain’s Biplane Bomber Brigade

May 1979

  • Lockheed’s SR-71 Blackbird
  • Boeing’s Classic Biplane Carrier Fighters, F2B and F3B
  • Flight of the Question Mark
  • 50th Anniversary of Air-to-Air Refuelling

June 1979

  • Special Bomber Issue, Can the F-111 replace the B-1?
  • Flying the B-25 in the Pacific
  • Boeing’s XB-15 Long Range Bomber

July 1979

  • Allied Aircraft Captured by the Germans
  • Most Spectacular Carrier Crashes
  • F-111 vs. B-1, Part II

August 1979

  • Heinkel’s 219 Owl, Demon in the Dark
  • Flying Tiger – Myth, Legend, Reality?
  • F-111 Fighter-Bomber Comes Into Its Own

September 1979

  • Curtiss Shrike, Vintage Attack Plane
  • Two Decades with North American’s Super Sabre, Part I
  • Last Round for the Luftwaffe, 1945

October 1979

  • Ju-87 Stuka – Dive Bombing in Poland, Tank Busting in Russia
  • Flying the F-100 in Vietnam
  • Walter Beech’s Staggerwing Goes To War
  • Royal Navy Says Goodbye to an Era

November 1979

  • Assault Helicopters in Vietnam
  • F2H Banshee
  • Great Lakes – Goodbye to the Biplane Bombers

December 1979

  • Piaggio P-108B, Italy’s Four-Engined Flying Fortress
  • Great Marianas Turkey Shoot, Combat in the F6F Hellcat
  • Boeing’s Oldest Flying Biplane

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