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January 1981

  • Wild Weasel Thuds in Vietnam
  • DC-3 Goes To War
  • Vigilante, The Navy’s Last Heavyweight

February 1981

  • Israel’s 1948 Three Bomber Air Force
  • Northrop’s Forgotten Floatplane, the N-3PB
  • Douglas C-47 Gooney Bird Markings

March 1981

  • Lockheed’s XF-90 Penetration Fighter
  • Messerschmitt Me-323 Flying Behemoth
  • Vickers Wellesley Basketweave Bomber

April 1981

  • Lockheed XF-90 Long Range Fighter, Part II
  • Sikorsky S-55 Helicopter
  • Douglas XO2D-1 Scout/Observation Floatplane

May 1981

  • Northrop’s F-89 Scorpion Long Range Interceptor

June 1981

  • Convair F-105 Delta Dart
  • Japan’s DC-4 Bomber

July 1981

  • Boeing’s B-29 vs. Nakajima’s G8N “Rita” Super Bomber Square-Off
  • Hap Arnold and the Great Production Battle of Wichita
  • Nostalgic Look at the Mighty 8th’s Fighters

August 1981

  • Complete Story of the Boeing B-47
  • True Story Of Mussolini’s Bogus Tactical Air Force

September 1981

  • The Last Corsair, Restoring An F4U For The Ages
  • The Nine Day Wonders, Overnight Assembly of America’s WW II Glider Training Fleet
  • How Lockheed’s XC-35 Unlocked The Mysteries Of High Altitude Pressurization
  • “Leave It To Beaver!”, A Rugged Bush Plane Joins The Service

October 1981

  • Blakesleewaffe, A Pictorial History Of The 4th Fighter Group’s Top-Scoring Fighter
  • Combat Flying The Martin 8-26 In The Unsung Airwar Over The Mediterranean And Southern Europe
  • The XP-41, Granddaddy Of The P-47 Thunderbolt
  • Demons By The Dozen, The Curtiss Lightweight Fighters And The Great Export Wars Of The Thirties

November 1981

  • The Lindbergh Kill, Combat Flying With The “Lone Eagle” In The Pacific
  • Grumman OV-1 Mohawk, The U.S. Army’s First STOL Tactical/Reconnaissance Jack-Of-All-Trades
  • France’s Flying Banana
  • To Hell In A Halifax, RAF Bomber Command’s Number Two Punch

December 1981

  • “Mossie”, The RAF’s Immortal Mosquito Bomber
  • The Fable of Able Mable, Martin’s AM-Mauler
  • The Sky Pirate of El Segundo