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January 1997

  • Carrier Air Wing 8, We Go Aboard the JFK and its Battle Group
  • Blenheim/Beaufort/Beaufighter

February 1997

  • US Carrier Aviation Special Edition
  • From Biplanes to WWII to the Dawn of the Jet Age

March 1997

  • Billion Dollar Blunder, Navy’s case against the B-36
  • South Pacific Boneyards, Abandoned WWII Bases
  • Sailing Backwards to Hawaii, Epic flight of the PN-9
  • The hairiest carrier landing ever made!

April 1997

  • Northrop’s Flying Wing Prototypes
  • 1937 Army Air Corps Maneuvers
  • Conquering the Arctic, the Great 1929 Trans-Siberian Flight

May 1997

  • Tumbling in Bell’s P-39 Airacobra
  • Curtiss SB2C Helldiver, the Carrier Fleet’s Last Dive-Bomber

June 1997

  • Grumman’s First Jet, Flying the F9F Panther in Korea
  • Combat Flying the B-24 Liberator
  • The Gregor FDB-1, the Allies Last Biplane Fighter

July 1997

  • The Return of the SR-71 Blackbird
  • Spotting the Fleet’s Big Guns, Catapult-Launched Scouts

August 1997

  • WWII’s Incomparable Liquid-Cooled Powerplants
  • Martin PBM Patrol Bomber Portfolio

September 1997

  • Grumman’s F6F Carrier Fighter
  • Combat Coverage of B-17s over Fortress Europe!
  • Army Seaplanes Part II

October 1997

  • How the Fw-190 became the Luftwaffe’s Finest Fighter of WWII
  • Triple-threat Prop Jet, Lockheed’s P-3 Orion now serving as an airborne drug buster

November 1997

  • How the Guns of the Mighty 8th’s Mustang escorts smashed the Reich’s Fighter Defenses in “Big Day”
  • The most ferocious battle of the European Air War!

December 1997

  • Killer Rays, the Douglas F4D Skyray and F5D Skylancer