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January 1974

  • Stratojet, flying the Queen of the Strategic Air Command
  • The Ultimate Corsairs, F4Us in the Pacific and Korea
  • Tri-Winged Terror, a Galaxy of Fokker Triplane Aces
  • Skymaster, continuing the DC legend
  • Civilian Warbirds, the pros and cons of operating ex-military jet aircraft

January 1979

  • Fatigue, how it almost wiped out our B-47 bomber fleet
  • Airborne Cobra, Part 2 of the P-39 story
  • Spider Crab, De Havilland’s Vampire Jet

August 1981

  • Bomber 47, how Boeing’s B-47 brought America into the Jet Age
  • The Breda Brood, true story of Mussolini’s bogus tactical air force

January 1992

  • The Doomsday Armada, the great B-47 bomber fleet
  • Painting by the Numbers, 50 years of USAF camouflage and markings

March 1995

  • High altitude recon in the Boeing RB-47
  • Bolts from the Blue, making the Republic P-47
  • Mystery Messerschmitt, what did the Me-109H really look like?

June 2005

  • On Top of Old Smokey, Jet Assisted Take Off (JATO) including the B-57 Stratojet
  • The Hybrids, Part 2 on Turboprop series
  • Crowding The Box, Jack Leynnwood’s aircraft model box tops
  • Taming the Widow, the powerful P-61 Black Widow

Manuals & Photos

  • USAF B-47A Operating Handbook, 1950
  • TB-47B Flight Handbook, 1956
  • YDB-47E Flight Handbook, 1954
  • Over 200 B-47 Stratojet photos

Boeing B-47 Stratojet

“The best way to tell about the performance of the Stratojet is to say that any good crew could have flown it. It took no unusual ability or education. Neither Scott Osler nor I deserve any credit for the flight. Rather, the credit should go to the men who carried out these visions on the drafting boards and the factory workers who made the visions a reality.”
Robert Robbins, test pilot for the B-47, 1949

General Characteristics


  • Crew: 3
  • Length: 107 ft 1 in (32.65 m)
  • Wingspan: 116 ft 0 in (35.37 m)
  • Height: 28 ft 0 in (8.54 m)
  • Wing area: 1,428 ft² (132.7 m²)
  • Airfoil: NACA 64A(0.225)12 mod root and tip
  • Empty weight: 79,074 lb (35,867 kg)
  • Loaded weight: 133,030 lb (60,340 kg)
  • Max. takeoff weight: 230,000 lb (100,000 kg)
  • Powerplant: 6 × General Electric J47-GE-25 turbojets, 7,200 lbf (32 kN) each
  • Zero-lift drag coefficient: 0.0148 (estimated)
  • Drag area: 21.13 ft² (1.96 m²)
  • Aspect ratio: 9.42


  • Maximum speed: 607 mph (528 kn, 977 km/h)
  • Cruise speed: 557 mph (484 kn, 896 km/h)
  • Combat radius: 2,013 mi (1,749 nmi, 3,240 km) with 20,000 lb (9,000 kg) bombload
  • Ferry range: 4,647 mi (4,037 nmi, 7,478 km)
  • Service ceiling: 33,100 ft (10,100 m)
  • Rate of climb: 4,660 ft/min (23.7 m/s)
  • Wing loading: 93.16 lb/ft² (454.8 kg/m²)
  • Thrust/weight: 0.22
  • Lift-to-drag ratio: 20.0 (estimated)


  • Guns: 2× 20 mm (0.787 in) M24A1 autocannons in a remote controlled tail turret with AN/APG-39 Gun-laying radar
  • Bombs: 25,000 lb (11,000 kg) of ordnance, including:
    • 2 × Mk15 nuclear bombs (3.8 megaton yield each), or
    • 1 × B41 nuclear bomb (25 megaton yield), or
    • 1 × B53 nuclear bomb (9 megaton yield), or
    • 28 × 500 lb (227 kg) conventional bombs
Serial Number Aircraft Type City State Location Notes
46-066 XB-47 Rantoul IL Octave Chanute Aerospace Museum Displayed on ramp behind museum building. Museum on grounds of former Chanute AFB. Open to the public, no base pass required.
50-062 B-47B Savannah GA Mighty Eight Air Force Heritage Museum Recently restored for static display.
51-2120 B-47B Knob Noster MO Whiteman AFB Displayed outdoors in base airpark, not visible from public roads.
51-2315 B-47B Peru IN Grissom Air Museum Displayed outdoors at the museum, no base entry required.
51-2387 B-47E Wichita KS Kansas Aviation Museum Formerly located at Oklahoma City fairgrounds.
51-7066 WB-47E Seattle WA Museum Of Flight Displayed outdoors on the lawn by the museum main entry.
51-7071 B-47E Altus OK Hightower Park Displayed outdoors in city park.
52-166 B-47E Atwater CA Castle Air Museum Displayed outdoors at the museum, no base entry required.
52-412 EB-47E Abilene TX Dyess Linear Air Park Displayed outdoors along base entry road, ask for visitors pass.
52-595 B-47E Jacksonville AR Little Rock AFB Displayed outdoors, high security base, no view from public roads.
52-1412 B-47E Ashland NE SAC Museum Displayed indoors at new SAC Museum.
53-2104 B-47E Pueblo CO Pueblo Historical Aircraft Society Displayed outdoors.
53-2135 EB-47E Tucson AZ Pima County Air & Space Museum Displayed outdoors, full restoration in the early 90’s.
53-2275 B-47E Riverside CA March Field Museum Displayed outdoors, no base entry required.
53-2276 B-47E Shreveport LA 8th Air Force Museum Displayed outdoors, get visitors pass at main gate.
53-2280 B-47E Dayton OH USAF Museum Currently off-display in long term storage.
53-2385 B-47E Plattsburgh NY Former Plattsburgh AFB Displayed outdoors.
53-4213 B-47E Wichita KS McConnell AFB Displayed outdoors in restricted area of base.
53-4257 RB-47E Oklahoma City OK Tinker AFB Displayed outdoors.
53-4296 RB-47H Valparaiso FL USAF Armament Museum Displayed outdoors, just outside of Eglin AFB, no base entry required.
53-4299 RB-47H Dayton OH USAF Museum Recently put on display in new 3rd hangar, formerly located at the former Smokey Hill AFB near Salina, KS.

B-47 Stratojet Projects And Hulks

Serial Number Aircraft Type City State Location Notes
49-1901 B-47A Tucson AZ Pima County Air & Space Museum Not on display, aircraft is not complete. Nose section appears to be in good condition and could someday be restored for display.
51-2075 B-47B Rosamond CA US Air Force Flight Test Center Museum Hulk, laying out in the desert as a test target.
51-2360 WB-47E Ogden UT Hill AFB Museum Not on display, undergoing full restoration for static display. Aircraft has been reassembled and is up on its gear as of mid-2006. Formerly on display in Windsor Locks, CT.
52-410 EB-47E Unknown ?? Unknown Former Pease AFB display. Moved to Ellsworth, SD, but project failed. Moved to Dayton and scavenged for parts for 53-4299 project. Remains were surplused, and sold to a private party. May have been scrapped.