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January 1974

  • Tri-Winged Terror, Fokker Triplane Aces
  • Ultimate Corsairs, F4Us in the Pacific & Korea
  • Stratojet, the Boeing B-47
  • Douglas DC-4 Skymaster
  • Civilian Warbirds, Pros & Cons of Ex-military Jets

February 1974

  • Fiat CR-32
  • B-32 Dominator, Second String Superbomber
  • Curtiss AT-9 Air Jeep
  • Grumman’s F2F & F3F Flying Beer Barrels
  • Loening’s Flying Shoehorns

March 1974

  • Mini-Shrike, the Curtiss XP-31
  • Hun Hunter, the S.E.5a WWI fighter
  • Blitz Bomber, the Heinkel He-111
  • de Havilland Moths That Roared

April 1974

  • SAAB Story, Swedish Aerial Weapons
  • Whine From The Jug, the immortal P-47 Thunderbolt
  • Ace’s Corner
  • Parasols of Santa Monica

May 1974

  • Whine From The Jug, Part II of P-47 Saga
  • Hunchbacked Hawks, the Savoia-Marchetti SM79
  • Ace’s Corner, Hahn’s Me-109s
  • Hell Off Okinawa, Kamikazes’ Last Ditch
  • Basketcase Bummer, the Curtiss C-46 Caravan

June 1974

  • Whine From The Jug, Part III the Thunderbolt in Combat
  • Douglas A-26 Invader
  • Air Racer Roscoe Turner, Something “Special”

July 1974

  • The Fable of Able Mable, the Martin AM-1 Mauler
  • Whine From The Jug, Part IV, P-47Ds in Europe and Ns in the Pacific
  • Pulitzer Price Pursuits, Classic Racers in Disguise

August 1974

  • Forgotten Fortresses, building the prototype B-17 and YB-17
  • Whine From The Jug, XP-72 and conclusion of P-47 story
  • Fokker’s Flying Razors, Germany’s WWI too late terrors

September 1974

  • Forgotten Fortresses, the B-17 goes to war
  • Test Pilot, interview with Bill McAvoy
  • The Tin Bubble, America’s first & only all-metal dirigible

October 1974

  • F6F Hellcat, King of Carrier Fighters
  • Legion of the Lost, Consolidated’s PB-2A
  • Gordon Israel, Golden Age of Aviation Pioneer

November 1974

  • Saga of the Consolidated’s B-36 Peacemaker
  • Return of the Me-109G  Augsburg Eagle
  • Requiem for the Luftwaffe, Twilight at Munich
  • B-17 Flying Phoenix, from Atomic Target to Borate Bomber

December 1974

  • Around the World in 175 Days
  • The Curtiss Phantom P-40
  • Von Richthofen and the Albatross Aces