1996 Wings & Airpower CD

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January 1996

  • Rise of the Douglas DB-7, Best Light Bomber of WWII
  • Skyblazers, USAF’s first Jet Aerobatic Team

February 1996

  • Douglas A-20 Goes To War
  • Martin Aircraft, Maker of Historic Planes & Captains of Industry

March 1996

  • Martin’s P4M Mercator, Forgotten Flying Map Maker
  • Bombers & Seaplanes of World War I

April 1996

  • Replacing SAC Air Combat Command
  • How Spitfire & Typhoon were Converted for Tactical Close Support

May 1996

  • Special All Fighter Issue
  • Exploding the A6M Zero Myth
  • Republic’s P-47N, Long Range WWII Escort

June 1996

  • The Doomed Fighters of France 1932-1940
  • The Great Smilin’ Jack, Aviation Adventure Strips

July 1996

  • B-17 Flying Fortress Special Issue

August 1996

  • Spectacular Formations, Original WWII Color Photos
  • Hap Arnold’s Buried Engine Ghost Fighters
  • Aircraft Stamps, History in Miniature

September 1996

  • Grumman’s F7F Tigercat
  • Test Pilot compares the Corsair vs. Hellcat
  • JG-27’s Last Ditch Fight on Sicily

October 1996

  • Behind the Big Wing Controversy
  • Lockheed’s F-104 Starfighter
  • The Yak Fighter, Star of Soviet Union’s WWII Guard Brigades

November 1996

  • C-82 & C-119, Fairchild’s Flying Cargo Twins
  • Suicide Squadrons, Light Bombers
  • Rendezvous at Mach 1, 50th Anniversary of Breaking the Sound Barrier

December 1996

  • Boeing’s Model 247, First of the Modern Airliners
  • Lockheed’s Hudson, led to over 6,000 bombers

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