1999 Wings & Airpower CD

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January 1999

  • Prototypes: The X Jobs
  • A Visit to Pensacola’s Naval Aviation Museum

February 1999

  • Japan’s Kawasaki Tony Fighter
  • WWII Fighters: Republic P-47 Thunderbolt & North American’s P-51 Mustang

March 1999

  • Denizens of the Pacific War: The Carrier Fighters

April 1999

  • The Twin Mustang: Long Range Escort
  • The Blended Wing Body Airliner: A Wing’s Exclusive

May 1999

  • Seaplanes: Gone But Not Forgotten
  • The RAF Hurricane, Spitfire, and Mosquito

June 1999

  • America’s Great Jet Bomber Fly Off!

July 1999

  • Airpower & The Battle of the Bulge
  • The B-29 Superfortress and C-97 Stratofreighter

August 1999

  • The KC-97 Flying Filling Station
  • Part II of the Boeing C-97 Story
  • The Air Defense Command’s F-101 Voodoo

September 1999

  • Mitsubishi’s KI-21 Salley
  • Boeing’s Mighty Stratocruiser

October 1999

  • Northrop’s Skoshi F-5 Tiger
  • The Desert Air War

November 1999

  • Classic Century-Series Fighters
  • The YF-22 Millennium Fighter
  • The XB-15 & XB-19: Giant Pioneers of Strategic Airpower

December 1999

  • One Pilot’s Tribute to the Boeing B-50
  • Germany’s Condor Legion
  • World War One’s Wayward Wings

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