2003 Wings & Airpower CD

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  • World War One Ace: Here is the amazing story of Canada’s first aerial hero.
  • Tagboard And Senior Buwl: Pt. III of his riveting Blackbird series. Top Secret unmanned hypersonic marvel, the radical Lockheed D-21.
  • From Boom To Bust: Light airplanes in America. New private planes’ were designed and built.


  • Operation Reunion: POW rescue attempt behind enemy lines in Romania.
  • A Day In MIG Alley: North American F-86 Sabre Jets battled the Soviet MiG-15s. Dogfighting enters the jet age!
  • “Strategic Air Command” Accurate and insightful movie about the exploits of SAC’s finest.


  • Thunderbird To Thud Ridge: Chat with Col. Jack Broughton of Thud Ridge and Going Downtown fame. Wing Commander flying F-105s in Southeast Asia.
  • Top Guns Of Yankee Station: Top-scoring Navy Squadrons of the Vietnam War VF-96 and VF-211.
  • Too Much, Too Late: During the early years of Vietnam.


  • Thunderbird To Thud Ridge: Conclusion of our two-part series on one of the great Air Force pilots of our time.
  • Finale For The Fortress: The mighty Boeing B-29 Superfortress.
  • Bailout! Part I of this two-part series will examine the evolution of escape systems.


  • Electra!: The classic propliners and the first generation of pure jets.
  • Mach 3 Masterpiece: Four-part series on the design, development, testing, and operational service of Lockheed’s legendary Blackbird.
  • Lightning Over Burbank: Home of Lockheed’s P-38 manufacturing plant.


  • Lindbergh At War – 1944: An intriguing look at the aeronautical genius of Charles A. Lindbergh.
  • Survival In The Sky Part II: Conclusion of our series on the history of emergency egress.
  • Sled Track! Photographs of ejection tests, supersonic sled runs, and high-G action.


  • FASTEST MAN ON EARTH! Nick Spark tells us this amazing story of man versus machine.
  • CONVAIR’S CONTRIBUTION: A tour de force color feature on famed Army Air Corps Liberators and U.S. Navy Privateers.
  • THE FINAL DAYS: The end of the Korean War 50 years ago.


  • THE UGLY DUCKLING: The Grumman JF/J2F aircraft contributed most to the Allied Victory in World War II.
  • DOUBLE YOUR PLEASURE: A two-place F-86 Sabre?
  • DAYLIGHT BOMBING: From Schweinfurt to Baghdad


  • Bulgarian Eagles: Detailed inside look at the Bulgarian Air Force and their faithful Me-109s.
  • Fathers Of The Motherships: Great motherships’ that saw action, plus two of their legendary pilots.
  • Flight To Obscurity: The AVRO Jetliner first flew only two weeks after Britain’s famed De Havilland Comet in 1949 and was North America’s first jet airliner.


  • BRING IN THE CHOPPERS! Evolution of the large military helicopter.
  • ALASKAN TWIN MUSTANGS: North American F-82 Twin Mustang
  • PETE BOWERS REMEMBERED: NATIONAL AIR RACES 1946: 1946 National Air Races in Cleveland, Ohio.


  • Back In The Saddle: Pancho Barnes was a legend in aviation during the 1930s.
  • Dueling Test Pilots: Which rocket-powered airplane would reach that magic mark.
  • Salute To “The Right Stuff” Relive the magic moments of this revolutionary 20-yearold film with a one-on-one interview with director Philip Kaufman.


  • The Wright Brothers: Wright’s tour of Europe in 1909.
  • Charles Lindbergh: See where it all began.
  • 100th Anniversary Of Flight: From Barnstormers to Stealth Bombers.
  • Chuck Yeager: The Right Stuff’.
  • Neil Armstrong: “One small step for man”

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