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January 1988

  • The DeHavilland Mosquito in Combat, WWII’s Most Versatile Warplane
  • Chance-Vought & The Fleet’s First Dive Bombers, From O2U to SBU

February 1988

  • Mike Machat flies a combat intercept mission in an F-15
  • Vought SB2U Vindicator, Monoplane Dive Bomber comes of age

March 1988

  • Fifty years in a Flying Fortress, Exclusive ferry flight across the Atlantic
  • The last great airlift flyoff, the Boeing YC-14 vs. Douglas YC-15… Result: Douglas C-17A

April 1988

  • Under cover of darkness, P-38 Nightfighters in Korea
  • Flying the Great Wall of China in a C-46 Commando
  • France’s Last Wooden Wonder, the Arsenal VG-33

May 1988

  • Air Defense And The Cuban Missile Crisis
  • A history of military air-to-air refueling
  • A P-38 Pursuit Pilot Remembers Combat In The Southwest Pacific

June 1988

  • Riding the Electric Jet, the F-16 Fighting Falcon
  • Burning Japan to the ground, the B-29 fire bomb raids of WWII

July 1988

  • Douglas A-3 Skywarrior, B-66 Destroyer
  • The Great Schneider Cup Races, Part 1

August 1988

  • The art of camouflage and how it works
  • The Schneider Cup Races, Part 2
  • Flying the F-15 of 1947

September 1988

  • Flying an F-111 at Red Flag
  • A squadron commanders look at the Libyan destroyer
  • Dueling at high speed, Schneider Cup glory years

October 1988

  • Douglas AD Skyraider
  • A quarter century of combat
  • Penetrating Soviet air space, XF-88, XF-90, XF-93

November 1988

  • Luftwaffe Special Edition
  • From Blitzkrieg over Poland to bomber defense over Berlin
  • The rise and fall of Nazi Germany’s air arm
  • Me-109, Me-262, Ju-87, Do-335, Fw-190, He-111, Me-163, Ju-52, Ju-88, Do-217, He-219, He-177

December 1988

  • Northrop’s top secret flying wing interceptor, the XP-56 Black Bullet
  • Mission from Da Nang, Vietnam
  • Air defense, the new Air Guard mission