Rare Treat, a tour of a brand new Boeing 737-700 Business Jet

By Randy Tinseth, Vice President of Marketing for Boeing Commercial Airplanes in Seattle.

The Boeing employees who build our airplanes usually get to see the results of their hard work at different stages of production. But it’s rare that anyone ever gets to see the finished product on the inside— if the airplane is one of our Boeing Business Jets (BBJ).

Several employees got that chance a few days ago when a fully furnished BBJ, a modified 737-700 belonging to a private owner in the U.S., was opened for tours prior to departing for the Asian Business Aviation Conference & Exhibition (ABACE) in Shanghai.

All of our BBJs are delivered from Boeing “green” with no paint or interior. The custom interior is put in at a completion center followed by re-delivery to the customer for their personal and business use.

During the ABACE show in Shanghai, we also unveiled the latest private airplane for a Chinese customer.

Nanshan Jet’s modified 737-700 is the first BBJ for a Chinese customer designed with a traditional business jet interior, including a bedroom suite with a queen-size bed, plus seating for 28 passengers.

This is a big year for BBJ in Asia, with three of seven BBJs entering service with completed VIP interiors that are for customers in Asia. A key advantage BBJ offers is longer range, which is very important to buyers in China due to the distances from Asia to Europe and North America. I hope you’ve enjoyed all the great photos.