Posted on August 29, 2012 · Posted in Aviation News
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Fly Virgin America, Virgin Atlantic, and Virgin Australia airlines throughout the year to reach the ultimate status: Galactic.

Earn the most Elevate status points by August 7, 2013 to win a Virgin Galactic suborbital space flight.

How to get “Galactic Status”

Just keep flying Virgin airlines. You’ll earn status points for every flight purchased on all three Virgin airlines. The best part: they will count up the total status points you’ve earned for trips throughout the year, not the total reward points you have left when the contest ends. So you can redeem reward flights with no blackout dates, without hurting your chances.

The Elevate member who signs in and earns the most status points throughout the year will win a suborbital space flight with our partners at Virgin Galactic.

The member who comes in second will get a taste of true weightlessness on a zero-gravity flight, courtesy of ZERO-G.

Every time you fly Virgin America, Virgin Atlantic, or Virgin Australia, you’ll earn status points toward Elevate Silver or Elevate Gold. So even if you don’t get Galactic Status, you can earn your way to priority perks whenever you fly with Virgin.

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